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Styling Basic White Tee

Everyone needs basic tees in their closet and especially a white tee. There are so many ways you can dress it up or dress down very casual. Let me show you a few of my favorite ways to style along with some of my must have staple items too!

Everything I am wearing is affordable and can be worn over and over again! That’s a big plus in my book I look for comfort, affordability, and style and this checks all of those boxes

This casual, comfy outfit is great for a trip to the grocery store, sports game, play dates with your kids, or even a fun day at the zoo!

[ outfit- shorts, flannel, tee, white sneakers, layered necklace ]

It has taken me awhile to get used to the idea of wearing overalls. As a woman in her 30s I always thought I would look childish or silly, but no ma’am— these are so comfortable, they have the perfect amount of stretch, and are great paired with any basic tee!!

[ outfit- overalls, tee, sandals ]

This outfit here screams the perfection and one I wear over and over! I love mixing graphic tees with kimonos but even just pairing this white tee with it brings it up a notch. I love wearing this to birthday parties, lunch dates, shopping with friends, or even running errands around town. And these sandals.. umm hello can you say amazing!! What’s even better is they are a fraction of what the designer ones cost and are just as comfortable!

[ outfit- shorts, kimono, sandals, tee, layered necklace ]

Last up, but certainly not least, is this pairing straight jeans, cap, and white sneakers. If this doesn’t scream taking the kids to practice, chasing your toddler around, sports mama I don’t know what will. This sling bag is great to keep things in AND holds the perfect amount of cars and fruit snacks!

[ outfit- straight jeans, white sneakers, sling bag, tee ]

I hope I inspired you to get creative with some of the basics you may have in your closet. These tees are so versatile and will make getting ready hopefully easier!

Until next time,


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