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About Me 

Hi there! My name is Amber. I am the founder and owner of Simply Rustic. I married my high school sweetheart 10 years ago. My husband and his family own a cattle ranch that we operate yearlings/stocker cattle every year. Being a ranchers wife has many challenges but also so many perks. We have an adorable, spunky, kind hearted, fun, music loving, almost 3 year old son, Cooper. He loves all things ranch life between feeding cattle, riding around in the tractors, riding in the four wheelers, feeding horses, or just playing in all the open pastures.  


I started Simply Rustic for many reasons but most of all to have an outlet for my creativity and passion for serving others. As a stay at home mom I felt I was missing out on the day to day connection when I was working full time. I know most moms, let alone new moms know what I am talking about so I created Simply Rustic. I get to connect with so many new people every day, I provide joy through my products, and my creativity gets to shine through again!  


All of the products here are hand-poured, hand-crafted, and made with lots of love. I strive to make the best products I can and want complete customer satisfaction. If there is anything you need, you have questions about, or want specific then please feel free to reach out. I have lots of ideas for where I see myself and Simply Rustic and I love that you are on this journey with us. 



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